Edgard A. Truax Supplements

“The Story of Genesis–according to the Miao People” in the May 13, 1950 issue of The Alliance WeeklyThe Alliance Weekly was the name of the longstanding official publication of the Christian & Missionary Alliance; as of April 13, 2020 it is known as Alliance Life. The Archives of the magazine, along with other resources, are available with a free registration at the official website of the denomination.

Probable Copyright Filing:


Type of Work: Text
Registration Number / Date: TXu000383049 / 1989-05-12
Title: Makeshift missionary.
Description: 3 p.
Copyright Claimant: Ellen D. Truax
Date of Creation: 1944
Authorship on Application: Edgar A. Truax.
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
Names: Truax, Ellen D.

Truax, Edgar A., 1897-1974

Field of Activity:

Per the atlases of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, the field of work available to Truax would have been in the far northeast of Guizhou and far southeast Sichuan; no prior missionary activity in this region is noted. Given that similarities are noted between the common Hmong creation and flood myths to those of surrounding peoples, and that migration by the Hmong to southwest China is recent, it may be argued the common myth is the corruption. Whatever class of Hmong this myth set originated from would have then preserved this one due to geographical or social isolation.

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Readily-Available Documentation:

Ellen Davidson Truax Grave Record

Victoria Bixby Healing Supplement

Ken Fish and Frances Janusz Discussion

See 20:10


Frances Janusz

Per Frances, two biopsies were provided to evidence Victoria’s contended healing: 1.) From September 8, “which showed 90% of space in the bone marrow taken up with ganglioneuromatous elements”, 2.) From December 19, which showed a decrease to 10% or less. 

Frances states that she was provided with no information concerning Victoria’s knee (which Victoria believes was wrongly assessed as tumorous via PET).

Frances Janusz Comments

Ken Fish, via Personal Assistant

By way of a personal e-mail, Ken Fish’s personal assistant stated that the primary healing (the decrease and replacement of neuroblastoma with healthy marrow cells throughout the body) took less than two months.

Bible Chronology

Personal Usshering, Years of Genesis estimated from genealogies.

Chronology-Genealogy Compilation

Summary of Information


Flood Year (In Noah’s 600th Year): 1656 A.M.

Birth of Isaac (In Abraham’s 100th Year): 2048 A.M.

Year-Span from Flood to Isaac:  388 Years

LXX, Modified

Flood Year (In Noah’s 600th Year): 2256 A.M.

Birth of Isaac (In Abraham’s 100th Year): 3428 A.M.

Year-Span from Flood to Isaac:  1168 Years


Darwin’s Hawk Moth



The creationist response here is somewhat limited and I’m wondering if I should think it’s suggesting that the Orchid and Moth in view are both understood as original “kinds”. Whatever the case, supposing development—Creationism now postulates diversification and break down of a genetically-loaded pair—it seems that the two species must have developed together.


I’m wondering if the fact that Darwin could have predicted the Moth based on the Orchid could be used to argue against standard Evolution given that it seems to presume a greater direction to the mutation-natural selection process than should be supposed under the idea of random mutations. (Beside this I’d guess that the Orchid went ahead of the Moth as a result of environmental pressures just because the inverse seems a little odd, the Orchid having to accommodate a tongue.)

Adaptive Mutations

Notes on Daniel 7: The “Fifth” Kingdom

from English Standard Version

7 In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel saw a dream and visions of his head as he lay in his bed. Then he wrote down the dream and told the sum of the matter. 2 Daniel declared, “I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great sea. 3 And four great beasts came up out of the sea, different from one another. 4 The first was like a lion and had eagles’ wings. Then as I looked its wings were plucked off, and it was lifted up from the ground and made to stand on two feet like a man, and the mind of a man was given to it. 5 And behold, another beast, a second one, like a bear. It was raised up on one side. It had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth; and it was told, ‘Arise, devour much flesh.’ 6 After this I looked, and behold, another, like a leopard, with four wings of a bird on its back. And the beast had four heads, and dominion was given to it. 7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, terrifying and dreadful and exceedingly strong. It had great iron teeth; it devoured and broke in pieces and stamped what was left with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns. 8 I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one, before which three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots. And behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.
9 “As I looked,
thrones were placed,
and the Ancient of Days took his seat;
his clothing was white as snow,
and the hair of his head like pure wool;
his throne was fiery flames;
its wheels were burning fire.
10 A stream of fire issued
and came out from before him;
a thousand thousands served him,
and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him;
the court sat in judgment,
and the books were opened.
11 “I looked then because of the sound of the great words that the horn was speaking. And as I looked, the beast was killed, and its body destroyed and given over to be burned with fire. 12 As for the rest of the beasts, their dominion was taken away, but their lives were prolonged for a season and a time.
13 “I saw in the night visions,
and behold, with the clouds of heaven
there came one like a son of man,
and he came to the Ancient of Days
and was presented before him.
14 And to him was given dominion
and glory and a kingdom,
that all peoples, nations, and languages
should serve him;
his dominion is an everlasting dominion,
which shall not pass away,
and his kingdom one
that shall not be destroyed.
15 “As for me, Daniel, my spirit within me was anxious, and the visions of my head alarmed me. 16 I approached one of those who stood there and asked him the truth concerning all this. So he told me and made known to me the interpretation of the things. 17 ‘These four great beasts are four kings who shall arise out of the earth. 18 But the saints of the Most High shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever, forever and ever.’
19 “Then I desired to know the truth about the fourth beast, which was different from all the rest, exceedingly terrifying, with its teeth of iron and claws of bronze, and which devoured and broke in pieces and stamped what was left with its feet, 20 and about the ten horns that were on its head, and the other horn that came up and before which three of them fell, the horn that had eyes and a mouth that spoke great things, and that seemed greater than its companions. 21 As I looked, this horn made war with the saints and prevailed over them, 22 until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was given for the saints of the Most High, and the time came when the saints possessed the kingdom.
23 “Thus he said: ‘As for the fourth beast,
there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth,
which shall be different from all the kingdoms,
and it shall devour the whole earth,
and trample it down, and break it to pieces.
24 As for the ten horns,
out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise,
and another shall arise after them;
he shall be different from the former ones,
and shall put down three kings.
25 He shall speak words against the Most High,
and shall wear out the saints of the Most High,
and shall think to change the times and the law;
and they shall be given into his hand
for a time, times, and half a time.
26 But the court shall sit in judgment,
and his dominion shall be taken away,
to be consumed and destroyed to the end.
27 And the kingdom and the dominion
and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven
shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High;
his kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom,
and all dominions shall serve and obey him.’
28 “Here is the end of the matter. As for me, Daniel, my thoughts greatly alarmed me, and my color changed, but I kept the matter in my heart.” (Daniel 7:7-28)

Daniel 7 Structure


I’m thinking we should avoid using most copyrighted media online, that isn’t put up by its producers; it’s using copies of media unlawfully like in piracy.

This extends to things that use media unlawfully, probably so as not to encourage it being used so.

Waters Trapped in the Earth

Psalm 104:6-9

ESV is pretty awkward here; the topical change from receding water to the movement of mountains makes less sense than a continual treatment of waters. This seems to have the Genesis Flood in view with the reference to waters never covering the earth again, which they would have to if this was set before then.

Water Trapped in Rocks Under China [2007]

Still receding to never rise again.

Massive Hydroxyl Stores Near Earth’s Core? [2014]